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True. So True.

I said the same thing about cherry colas and me and my friends were in the same predicament with the death rays and all!!
ahh, the nostalgia

YAY! More story arcs!

Haha, amazing stuff that keeps coming from HotDiggedyDemon!
...why does his printer sound like a chainsaw??

Unpredicatable, Musical, Epic.

I actually really enjoyed this, and im wondering what it will be like watching it when I'm high.

It surprised me to see it, and im so glad that i saw it come out so quickly.

I'm glad Charlie got to be with his Snowman.

no a malo a otre flash

It had little movement, which impaired the experience by making many of the fighting and running boring... HabĂ­a poco movimiento, que afectada por la experiencia que muchos de los combates y en funcionamiento aburrido

I Was Decieved All Along!

E is the king of Vowels?! oh my god!

Funny jokes, things i was'nt expecting made it hilarious, but its short, and color would have added so much more to this, anyway, great job

good work and art :D

haha thats exactly what i got for X-MAS too

Nightwayfarer responds:

i got an iPhone, a little better than iPod)
But that piece of shit automaticaly uses EDGE, even when i'm not using the iPhone... and that stuff cost me some before I found a way to turn the EDGE off


Me Neither.

Roxasaurus responds:

I guess we were both wrong.



hahaha the guitar

how long did it take you to make that guitar??? haha that was awesome

Bobert-Rob responds:

lol... like... a few minutes? Maybe? I just sped through it, y'know.

That was great!

YOU HAVE A SIBLING?! dood. i cant remember the name BUT IT HAD THE SAME LAST NAME.

I liked the voiceovers, but some parts got a little off track. thats understandable, and i thought the drawings were clean and everything moved smoothly.
the one thing i didn't like was it almsot felt like it dragged on after a bit, but thats only minor... Great job!

P.S. Wod. Yo.

LazyMuffin responds:

Yeah, my brother and I wrote this together

I've ordered my Wacom Pen, Basic Mixer, and my flash software! flash making, here i come!

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