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absolutely awesome. addicting, great looks, and i keep coming back for more.
onl bad thing is cheap crashes... stupid 3 stacked wheels and the tractor >:(

best time was 6:25 :3

Fun, Little game

Cute Graphics! i dont say that much, so youre good on that!

Easy gameplay, a bit too easy, havea couple cut scenes, a couple action parts,

nice little scroller you got there, a tad short, a tad easy, and i thought you could add a couple more enermies, but all in all, great job.

ThomSip responds:

thanks for your review,

and I will take your comments into mind when making the next game

awesome game!!

great interpretation of a super smash game!!! awesome job

Great Game!

good graphics, great core graphics, good gameplay, okay storyline and overall awesome game... ill give it an 8 BECAUSE! when i lost at the bomb game, bombs flyed out everywhere for the rest of the game... really messed up my playing experience... good job, keep doin wat u do best

i finally beat the boss

great game. GREAT game. i loved it, the final boss was hilarious, but i killed the pink hoe and i wonder if she would have done anything to u.. *cough blowjob* *cough* but i guess ill just hafta wonder that later. it was a fungame, and it was awesome thats all there is to it

funny, but HARD

this game is HARD... maybe i just suck, (I do) but its good do it deserves 7/10

good game, but nothing out of the ordinary.

This game is great, a fun little joyride for a few games, but quickly loses its appeal. The graphics are great but even on my great internet service im still lagging on LOW quality. look unless you havea badass computer that bakes you cookies while you play, and has some great stuff with it. This game has too much going on and i couldnt focus with all the cookies getting finished with my computer and all the ranbow colorsgoing on. All in all, its a fun little thing to play, butloses its appeal quite quickly. 7 out of 10 good job

pure awesome

for a moment i played this more than i did WoW... thats awesome 10 out of 10

I've ordered my Wacom Pen, Basic Mixer, and my flash software! flash making, here i come!

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