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I have brawl and i want friend codes! (and a bad reveiw) WHY? Because im bored.

Posted by bored4everagain - March 19th, 2008

If you are afraid of reading long blogs for the sake of boredom, or do not like long blogs, hit BACK button...........now! Oh yeah... (im trying this i dont know how to underline) I did this because i was bored, and have WAY too much time on my hands.

If you send me your brawl friend code i will add you in my roster of awesome people!...

What is up with onlineplay though? its jus like computer players that suck because theres no talking... theres no headphones theres absolutely no conversation or 10 year olds screaming "MOM I KNOW ITS 6:30 BUT LET ME PLAY ONE MORE MINUTE PAST MY BEDTIME!!!"

Its weird though... at least in the metroid DS game you could get rivals that seemed good by asking them, but the brawl really lacks the interaction between other players...

The game probobly would have gotten a ten out of ten or a five out of five, however you see it, if there was much more interaction on wifi.

don't get me wrong! i love the game! it only have a few minor details wrong with it...

the Classic mode is long and can get boring, There are too many levels, and the 3 against 1 brawl is just too hard! maybe i just suck but come on! if youre not on the ground, they attack you and ONLY YOU!

NO WIIMOTE SENSOR!!! youd think that it would be cool to use your wiimote to use snakes final smash (grenade launcher), or choosing a character or even coin launcher! (ill get into that later)
I already talked about the oline play, and my last complaint is..... HERE IT GOES!

the boring and repetitive.... coin launcher!!! Look, it was very fun at first, but then it lost its appeal with every coin you shot. Is really way too easy too! i have a totaly of 5500ish coins, and i cant just use them quick like the lottery in the old game, so thats all i have to say for bad things about brawl.

If you have the game, you already know the awesomeness it has.

If you dont, read on.

The subspace emisarry and the updated graphics is where the game shines.

Subspace is a great adventure game that lasts 10-20 hours of gameplay. IInstead of trying to find how to unlock people, you can get them from the SSE (SubSpace Emissarry) instead. Iy has dozens of missions and an insane story all together. the bad part? no talking parts! it works out well though, even though most of the talking goes through head nods, pointing, and sword-fighting.

The graphics look GREAT! the game is fun to play in the new enviornments, and they have a couple for each character.

of class...The music is awesome. just awesome. while some people might not like it, it adds some good feelings in the game. I sometimes hum it in the middle of something. when im doing homework, in the middle of classes, or at work. They have over 50 songs and you can customize the songs you hear in levels for the ones you dont like.

The amound of characters in the game is almost overwhelming. there are about 30 to 35, can never remember, most of the with their own builds of strengths, weaknesses, speeds, and attacks.

There is SO much stuff to unlock. there is a block for each thing you can unlock and about 200 blocks show up after you unlock something. characters, stages, trophies, music, stickers (power-ups in SSE), and trials for old games for the characters.

oh yeah. stage creator. just had to stick that in.

There is so much more stuff to talk about, and even if you read through this all, it barely covers half of what brawl has.

Is it a reason to buy a Wii?

probobly not. while it has all these things loaded into it, it might now fill the needs for the Wii. If you have lots of spare time, and money for both of these, try and get it. it packs weeks of fun into a wii, and can keep you going, if youre this much into it, going until the next SSB game comes out. unlocking everything might just keep you playing until then.


The wait was worth the game, and with a few minor problems in it might be able to be fixed with an update of some kind. If nintendo is up to it, they would make an update for it. With only a few concerns, great gameplay, awesome graphics, and so-so online play, this game will keep you addicted for at least 2 months prbobly a lot more.

If you want to, leave comments telling meabout my bad reveiw, your brawl friend code, if your going to buy or neglect Brawl, or just pointing out all of the typing errors i made in this, enjoy this picture i have for your enjoyment.

I have brawl and i want friend codes! (and a bad reveiw) WHY? Because im bored.