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My last post of thenight! i promise!

Posted by bored4everagain - March 7th, 2008

This post is about my wii friend code and super smash bros brawl. If you hate either of them, BURN IN HELL... if you have already left after that comment, thats bad, because you will always think of me as a jerk. If you're getting super smash brothers brawl, post your brawl or wii friend code as a comment on here, and ill private message you mine. hey, im bored too! if you could find any flashes like Siblings or the AWESOME flashes, send me thename as a comment too! if youve read this far, you'v eprobobly have had something in this blog that has kept you reading it. It's funny too, because I havnt really beenwriting anything that could change your life, youre just sitting in your chair... or stool... or... naked on the floor next to your laptop waiting for that video on youporn to load, either of the three. OH yeah, i just figured out why the people have read my blog so fast.. i didntknow hat my posts got put up on the blog section so people could read my stuff! yes im a noob or a n00b or a n008 however you wanna say it. I'm ust babbling on about nothing now, feel free to exit out of this terrible blog as you feel like if you havnt already... go on, you, go. I was really pissed off the other day on how i need to re-install WOW to play again... Im paying for one game when i could be getting exercise or at leastbe playing more than one online for about the same price on XBox. WOW is a greta game and all, but Its just one game. for twelve to fifteen bucks a month! thats about 180 dollars out of my wallet a year!
i could use tha money to get a girlfriend!... if i werent sitting around blogging all ight, I'd have a few...
Yea, I still want a little icon for when i post reveiws of a flash or a game on newgrounds, buti cant find any that work with the 46x46 thing, and i don thave any .gif pictures... comment on how i would get thatm, and find me a funny thing or cool looking thing ("cool" is not: Naruto, one word making no sense except to you because only you understand it, or sonic)
If you read ALL the wya thruogh this blog, well done! you will recieve a picture!


My last post of thenight! i promise!

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what type of cookie

well we have a wide variety of chocolate, penut butter, ..................chocolate,

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